Klasika: tramping pack illustrations, unfolding Brit Bachmann's sketchbook from VANDOCUMENT on Vimeo.

A collaboration with Barbara Adler for KlasikaExpertly assembled by Ash Tanasiychuk of Vandocument. 


(My friend, Ash has renewed my love for the efficiency of concise lists.)

-I just got hired part-time at VIVO, aka. my dream job

-I also write for this beautiful company

-…and Vandocument, a fabulously innovative and experimental archive of art happenings in Vancouver

-I wrote my first food blog, but I don’t intend to write any more of them

-I was featured in Creep Magazine here

-Last week I got expanding foam in my hair, but Haley at this salon is going to fix me tomorrow

-My illustrations will be featured in a collaboration with Barbara Adler re. Czech tramping

-In less than one month, I have a solo drawing show in Kaslo, BC at The Langham

-My new roommate is also an artist, but also a musician and a paint-maker and a garde-mangé (sometimes)

-I have been listening to a freakish amount of John Maus

-I got really obsessed with alpine adventures this past summer

-…and an iPhone Instagram photo series of fruit + veggie packing over my face

Hello autumn!








Olga Abeleva + Nicole Dumas, curators, Over Under Over Under, the “textile-inspired” group show @ Red Gate that writer Brit Bachmann says had “an unusual feeling of playfulness and fun” 

All photos by Jon Ragay

Crazy beautiful illustration by Wakana Yamazaki.

Crazy beautiful illustration by Wakana Yamazaki.

Open Letter: All-ages music venue in Vancouver


Dear Vancouver Mayor and Council,

I am writing to ask that space be set aside in this year’s Capital Plan for an all-ages music venue in Vancouver. I firmly believe that Vancouver’s youth would benefit tremendously from a legal, sustainable, affordable and accessible all-ages music venue.

As a young person growing up in inner-city Indianapolis, all-ages venues were a godsend. But they were unstable and unpredictable. The Emerson was the best one - but it was only all-ages for about a year, which meant we went back to walking the streets and pestering the staff at the Waffle House to hang out. Then there were the churches that would become all-ages venues for a month here or a month there, but it was never predictable. And again, we’d be out on the streets - finding other ways to keep boredom at bay.

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Thinking about this girl lots and sending her so much love on her adventure <3

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Young Liars
Photography has very little to do with mastering all the knobs and dials on your DSLR and everything to do with learning to look, really look, and get beyond the endless collections of different objects and people.
A documented seduction by Earnest Ice Cream. Fresh Lemon and London Fog on a locally-made King Kone waffle cone. 

A documented seduction by Earnest Ice Cream. Fresh Lemon and London Fog on a locally-made King Kone waffle cone.